Maximum lighting in working spaces

A fully-renovated building with excellent qualities.

The building is located at the corner of C/ Julián Camarillo and C/ San Romualdo.

Until a few years ago, the surrounding was dominated by industrial construction which has been transformed and reconverted with office and residential buildings. It is now oozing with a good allocation of services. Today, companies such as El Corte Ingles, Atos Origin, Telefonica, Comunidad de Madrid, IT Deusto, Tragsatec, Uni2, Tecnocom, Clínica Universitaria Alfonso X, etc. can be found in this area.


The renovation of the building has been done to give maximum lighting in working spaces, thus, distributing these spaces close to the façade so as to get guaranteed lighting.

The façade of the building has a continuous design disrupted by two large glazed zones. These two glass areas are used for showcasing the building.

Interior patios in working areas have been designed to give additional natural lighting obtained through the façade. These two patios are traversed by a runway. Around these two patios are designed two vertical connection cores that give access to each of the floors. These cores are formed by two stairways and two elevators.

Vehicles can access the garage through Julian Camarillo St., with two ramps—one for descending directly to the basement, and another giving access to the parking spaces located on the ground floor.

  • VRV air conditioning system, direct expansion, Daikin (Inverter)
  • Micropore metal suspended panel ceiling
  • Scalable and accessible false flooring made of 15 cm-high encapsulated technical flooring panels. Ackerman-type boxes (one box in every 15 m2 approximately).
  • 4 electrical switchboards and 4 counters on each floor. Power generator on deck to feed common areas, elevators, or emergency doors and pathways

Located at the new innovation-packed Madrid district

MADBIT Project aims to transform the area known until now as Julián Camarillo Street, leaving behind its industrial past to become an innovative productive district, equipped with excellent infrastructures. This area in Madrid offers modern, technological, and flexible spaces for the strategic camp of intensive activities known today which will make the capital of Madrid one of the main platforms for innovation, investment, and job creation.