Since 1955

Since 1955, when Gomendio Real Estate Group started its business venture, it has come a long and fruitful path that has vigorously contributed to the growth and business development of this country.

Vision of the future based on solid experience

The experience acquired throughout three generations of constructors, committed to their vocation has been passed on to the company culture of the group as a family tradition. Our vision of the future based on the knowledge of the market allows us to develop our own concept of exclusiveness which makes us different within the real estate industry. This approach where quality of life, consistent growth, and commitment to the environment lay the foundations for planning, making projects, and creating unique long-lasting quality atmosphere.

The ability of the group to develop real estate cycle in an integral manner (land property management, design, construction, commercialization, administration, estate renovation, etc.) proves to be of high-value guarantee for all our clients, reinforced with the commitment to complete after-sales service (maintenance, lease, and value-added services) which our company “INTEGRA Real Estate Services” provides at the end of the construction phases.