Business Activities

The first projects developed contributed to the birth of a new Madrid; the most recent projects have added up definitively to molding the image of a modern, cosmopolitan, and multicultural Madrid. Furthermore, we take pride as active contributors to the enhancement of the cultural and architectural heritage of our country through one of the most satisfactory assignments given to us — the renovation of historic buildings such as the Court of Auditors, the Industrial Property Registration Office, the Miraflores Palace or the National Treasury.

A vocation for real estate backed by business success accomplishments.

Currently, the Group develops an average of 300 homes per year in Madrid and along the coast of Alicante. It has a land reserve of almost 1,000,000 m2 and manages an industrial park property measuring almost 50,000 m2 (MINIPARC) composed of 16 office buildings and large company headquarters, many of which are leaders in innovation that have appreciated the benefits of working in a technological and environment-oriented business zone.

1 – Urban Development

– Land property management
– Urban assessment
– Planning
– Urban remodelling

2 – Property

– Third-party building lease
– Houses for rent
– Asset management

3 – Architecture and Construction

– Civil works conctruction
– Renovation
– New residential construction, industrial, and tertiary

4 – Maintenance and Management Services

– Building administration
– Adaptation and implementation works
– Overall maintenance
– After-sales service

5 – Development / Projects

– Luxury houses
– Residential tourist area / Holiday homes
– Resorts / Hotels
– Tertiary buildings (company and business)
– Elderly care building

6 – Commercialization

– Sale / Lease
– Real estate marketing
– Real estate consultation
– European sales network